Imagine not being able to hear anything except the lashing of water. Imagine not being able to see anything but the daytime moon and bright skies slowly being dominated by the gloomy grey clouds while the birds getting home in Panic.
Not being able to think about anything other than exactly what you can see and hear.

That, is exactly what back floating feels like.



Time flies is a statement that I cannot understand, but yet it always seems to happen. Doesn’t time always go at the same pace? Every year almost the same duration. Then why is it that it seems like just a few days back when we all were dancing our way into the second year; yet here we are today, at its end, on the last day. Things have changed in the last year, and that is the only thing that maybe makes me realise that time has actually gone by. But the funny part is, what seemed like one really quick year for me; might have been a torturous long one for someone else; where every day seemed to go on for more than 24 hours, and he/she just wanted to hide somewhere and hibernate. And maybe that’s why time flies because how time passes, varies from me to you to them.


a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.

But is this the true meaning of enemy? Are they always active?
I would disagree. Most of the times, enemies are not in the present. Someone you had an argument with years ago and haven’t had a closure yet, a childhood spat, or an enemy you have created in your own head imagining a situation that has not even occurred yet!

I think there are two types of enemies; An enemy from the past, and An enemy of the future.

An Enemy from the past is more of a passive person in your life right now. You hardly ever speak to them, maybe eye contact here and there and that’s about it. All this because something happened a while back; an occurring that changed your view and perspective about that person and things have not become the same again.

An Enemy from the future is someone who is not an enemy now, but you create certain images in your head and imagine a set of events to roll out a certain way and start distancing yourself from the person in the present itself. Everything in real is fine right now, But in your head, there are thoughts that are impacting your heart in the actual moment.

By this, I’m also saying that there are no enemies of the present. That is because when you start feeling negative about someone, they only become an “enemy” when you ponder on what happened and add your own meaning to it. So what and who you now call an enemy is not from what happened, but only from your memory and thoughts on what happened.

So ask yourself, if the person/thing you term as an enemy is from what happened or from what you “think” that happened?

The moment

That one thing that you’ve been struggling to get over from the past few months, years; the one thing that keeps you up at night and the one thing that creeps into your mind when you have the slightest free time.

These things can vary from person to person, what might be major for one might look silly to the other. But no matter what it is, they have that certain quality of being able to suck the cheerfulness out of you. You get thoughts like, “Oh, what if this always stays in my head” “Why can’t I think of anything else” “ Why do I have to be the over-thinker” and many more of the kind.

These change from time to time, tweak themselves a little, but after all the struggle and all the time that you invest into it; There will be this one moment where you tell yourself “Enough is enough, get some self-respect and stop cribbing” and that moment is you setting yourself free. You may not stop thinking immediately, but when you do think, your energy will remain the same, you’ll remain the same you.

These moments are not something that come if you do a certain thing,
these are the kind of moments that choose to come to you;
and they will, when you’re just about ready.


You’re the only permanent thing in your life. You’re your only constant. These are the most heard clichés I’ve always been hearing about being there for yourself . A person’s self is anything but permanent. We change everyday; everything and everyone around us creates a certain experience and impact and each impact tweaks our “self” a little if not much. And the reality being we have no choice but to be our own constant. If I meet me in another body I’d probably not give a second thought about actually being there!

So when someone says you’re here for yourself, is it an inescapable obligation or is it true support?


They say don’t be sad about one small thing, or because of one person. In these billion people, there will be another one. Look at the universe, it’s so vast. In such a big world, such a tiny thing shouldn’t affect you so much. But what do they know, that in a million stars if one of them goes missing, the whole constellation will vanish. The Orion’s belt without one of the three won’t be a belt. The Sea Horse without a star in its tail will loose its tail itself. People are the same too. They might be a small part of your life, but they are that one star that makes a constellation- You.

The Forever Kind

There are two sides to people’s belief in love. Some say that love vanishes when you want it to, while some say once you love someone you always will. Guess what? I’ve been through both. “You’re still young, you haven’t seen the real ‘love’ yet”. But maybe us young people are the ones who actually see real love. We know no bounds, we have no obligations, we just pour our heart out for the ones we want to. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t mean the cheesy couple, relationship kind of love. Now, We love a variety of things; travel, music, art, cooking, people and so on. We are the kind who want to go to unexplored places on our own, meet new people and learn life stories; the kind who wants to break away from sitting at a 9-6 job where all you could do is stare at the wallpaper of your favourite destination. And this is love for us, we love exploration, adventure, wilderness, freedom and independence. We also know how hard we have to work to get to this perfect life, it is not something that comes easy, not from a regular mindset, nor a regular love.

I’ve fallen in both kinds of love, and the second one seems to be my forever. Which kind of love are you in?