They say don't be sad about one small thing, or because of one person. In these billion people, there will be another one. Look at the universe, it's so vast. In such a big world, such a tiny thing shouldn't affect you so much. But what do they know, that in a million stars if [...]


The Forever Kind

There are two sides to people's belief in love. Some say that love vanishes when you want it to, while some say once you love someone you always will. Guess what? I've been through both. "You're still young, you haven't seen the real 'love' yet". But maybe us young people are the ones who actually see [...]

Guardian Angels

As she got ready to visit her uncle's cousin's son's cousin, someone she didn't know existed until a few minutes back and the first thing her grandmother tells her when she steps outside is that she forgot to put on a bindi. " They are meeting you for the first time, you have to create a good [...]

Amazing Andaman

As the ‘thup’ of the stamp hit by boarding pass, the whole thing became real. It was an actual place that would go off my bucket list, a holiday that I actually wanted to happen. There was an excitement, of being a tourist, but to journal and use all the information I had gathered in [...]

The River Lives On

Peaceful Waves, Sudden Gulps, Respects offered, Sights Drawn. Here, Is the River of Life taking in those without lives, taking in their souls, their memories, their everything. Maybe that's why a river comes back to life each year, from living as a trickle to creating floods. Maybe It lives because it has so many lives [...]

The Swinging Funeral

I was absent-mindedly finishing up my homework for the day when my mother came into my room and asked me to stop what I was doing and tell her what clothes I wanted for the next week. I didn’t understand what was happening as I’ve never had to pick out clothes for a week because [...]

Rudra Hustle Bustle

As the sun set over the beautiful juncture of the tributaries of The Ganges, Alakananda and Mandakini, the vibrations from the last prayers concluded, the chirps of the birds slept and the buzz of the brass beetle rose. The sounds were like a wave, not in terms of sound, but in structure; as one sound [...]