Amazing Andaman

As the ‘thup’ of the stamp hit by boarding pass, the whole thing became real. It was an actual place that would go off my bucket list, a holiday that I actually wanted to happen. There was an excitement, of being a tourist, but to journal and use all the information I had gathered in the past few months of college.There was the excitement of nature, but also of meeting my cousin who everyone said was like me when I was a kid, for the first time.This excitement was distracted by the opening up of the wing panels and the sound produced by the shutting of the wheels. Sitting on my favourite seat of the flight, the window seat I ignored the world around me with earphones in my ears and eyes glued to the world outside the window, something I couldn’t get through to. I seemed ignorant about the space and people around me, and all I could think about was the people, the beaches and the food. And yet, there was this one thought that was bothering me; how will my not so thick; sensitive skin hold up against the heat and humidity of these coasts, these lands that my skin in unaware about. I focused on the positive vibes that were naturally coming to me. As the food arrived, I took off my earphones and for the first time noticed the people next to me. They were a young couple, not so late into marriage and they seemed pissed, at first sight. But as I observed more, there was the man, who looked sorrier than angry, and the woman, who looked vice-versa. I caught up that they too were from Karnataka as they were speaking in fluent Kannada, which coincidentally I very well understood. And at that very moment, the calm was hit by a cyclone before we even flew over the sea, and they were whispering swears and complaints at each other.And I started thinking, “What is the point of a holiday if you aren’t even happy” Their fight continued for quite some time and it was mostly the woman talking. After I finished my meal, I figured what I was doing was not right, and naturally started listening to my music again. And that, was one of the best decisions I ever made, because as I looked out, there we were just above what I assumed to be Chennai. The landmass of India was just reaching its end and the sea was finally in sight. And it was one of the most beautiful sights ever, the geography map of my 10th grade just coming live in front of my eyes. It was magical, you could see the naval fleets, the curves that the waves formed, and what seemed like a black sea. But, If you kept looking, you would realise it’s not black, but what we call Navy Blue and THAT IS WHEN I THOUGHT, WHY IS THE SEA NOT THE SAME AS THE SEA BLUE IN OUR CRAYON, OR COLOUR PENCIL SET.



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