Guardian Angels

As she got ready to visit her uncle’s cousin’s son’s cousin, someone she didn’t know existed until a few minutes back and the first thing her grandmother tells her when she steps outside is that she forgot to put on a bindi. ” They are meeting you for the first time, you have to create a good impression,” she said.  A bindi has been made so prominent that it almost seems like that defines your character. When she puts on a kurti  and adds a tiny dot on her forehead, the only question she gets is “How are your studies going on Beta?”, whereas while wearing a t-shirt and jeans, something that is widely accepted now, the elders seem to come up with all kinds of questions. Her mum gets a whole lot of looks and advice too!

” Children these days! As a mother, you have to keep her in control!”

“What have you taught her? When she is coming to meet elders, she has to dress properly! She is a kid, you have to be the one who corrects her!”

And all sorts of comments.

These days people of all religions wear a bindi on a kurta or a saree if they feel like! We are not disrespecting our tradition, we are definitely not asking the elders to change their way of being…

Be and Let us be!

Here is to all the Mother’s out there who let their daughters’ be the free souls and outgoing people that they are. To all the Mother’s who defend their kid’s ways of being from the rest of the world. To being the angels that they are…

You are all beautiful souls on this planet, and we are blessed to have you! 🙂


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