The Forever Kind

There are two sides to people’s belief in love. Some say that love vanishes when you want it to, while some say once you love someone you always will. Guess what? I’ve been through both. “You’re still young, you haven’t seen the real ‘love’ yet”. But maybe us young people are the ones who actually see real love. We know no bounds, we have no obligations, we just pour our heart out for the ones we want to. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t mean the cheesy couple, relationship kind of love. Now, We love a variety of things; travel, music, art, cooking, people and so on. We are the kind who want to go to unexplored places on our own, meet new people and learn life stories; the kind who wants to break away from sitting at a 9-6 job where all you could do is stare at the wallpaper of your favourite destination. And this is love for us, we love exploration, adventure, wilderness, freedom and independence. We also know how hard we have to work to get to this perfect life, it is not something that comes easy, not from a regular mindset, nor a regular love.

I’ve fallen in both kinds of love, and the second one seems to be my forever. Which kind of love are you in?



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