The moment

That one thing that you’ve been struggling to get over from the past few months, years; the one thing that keeps you up at night and the one thing that creeps into your mind when you have the slightest free time.

These things can vary from person to person, what might be major for one might look silly to the other. But no matter what it is, they have that certain quality of being able to suck the cheerfulness out of you. You get thoughts like, “Oh, what if this always stays in my head” “Why can’t I think of anything else” “ Why do I have to be the over-thinker” and many more of the kind.

These change from time to time, tweak themselves a little, but after all the struggle and all the time that you invest into it; There will be this one moment where you tell yourself “Enough is enough, get some self-respect and stop cribbing” and that moment is you setting yourself free. You may not stop thinking immediately, but when you do think, your energy will remain the same, you’ll remain the same you.

These moments are not something that come if you do a certain thing,
these are the kind of moments that choose to come to you;
and they will, when you’re just about ready.


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