a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.

But is this the true meaning of enemy? Are they always active?
I would disagree. Most of the times, enemies are not in the present. Someone you had an argument with years ago and haven’t had a closure yet, a childhood spat, or an enemy you have created in your own head imagining a situation that has not even occurred yet!

I think there are two types of enemies; An enemy from the past, and An enemy of the future.

An Enemy from the past is more of a passive person in your life right now. You hardly ever speak to them, maybe eye contact here and there and that’s about it. All this because something happened a while back; an occurring that changed your view and perspective about that person and things have not become the same again.

An Enemy from the future is someone who is not an enemy now, but you create certain images in your head and imagine a set of events to roll out a certain way and start distancing yourself from the person in the present itself. Everything in real is fine right now, But in your head, there are thoughts that are impacting your heart in the actual moment.

By this, I’m also saying that there are no enemies of the present. That is because when you start feeling negative about someone, they only become an “enemy” when you ponder on what happened and add your own meaning to it. So what and who you now call an enemy is not from what happened, but only from your memory and thoughts on what happened.

So ask yourself, if the person/thing you term as an enemy is from what happened or from what you “think” that happened?


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